Save the Ecosystem


Went to Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam. Awesome for photoshoot, where Bramaputra river is picking its path to and trees at forest showing the presence of summer.
But found the reality of India.
Where in India’s majorities is going to develop, while minors are still struggling to overcome from this situation(minor and majors related to states).

In India, hardly few indian Rihnos are left. Due to interference of human activities like illegal killing, hunter mafias, smuggling of animal tusks is largly found at 1980s- 90s. Mafias, and smugglers brutly murdered these animals for earning some money.
Not only this for earning more income many smuggling gangs and mafias were still doing the illegal trading of timbers like sal and tik which likely to be very costly and an crutial for esosystem.

But Now a days, to preserve and save Government of India had taken several step to stop such acts.
Govt. has set up about 96 National parks. In these parks wildlife, natural vegitation and natural beauty are preserved. There is Kaziranga Wildlife Santuary for Rihnos in Assam. There are four differrent Zoological Parks have been set up for the Govt. in different parts of India to preserve wildlife as well as Ecosystem.

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